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11 Day & 10 Night  Extreme Experience jungle camping  into the Pacaya Samiria Reserve


Pacaya Samiria

Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve is a vast area of Amazonian jungle and floodable forest  in northeastern Peru, bordered by the Marañón and Ucayali rivers. Known for its biodiversity, it shelters animals from pink dolphins to spider monkeys and giant South American turtles. It’s also home to hundreds of bird species, like colorful macaws.

The reserve is home to 527 bird species, 102 mammal species (among them the pink amazon river dolphins), 69 species of reptiles, 58 species of amphibians, 269 fish species, and 1024 species of wild and cultivated plants. The reserve is a refuge for different endangered species like the Arrau turtle, the spider monkey, the giant river otter, the scarlet macaw, Cedrela odorata trees, and others.



WOW! Sloths, Monkey and Pink Dolphins and birds, birds, birds.  Our guides were amazing really seeing so much more then we would see pointing out wildlife explaining about myth, legends, culture and historical land use.
Tours in the Pacaya Samiria Reserve from Yurimaguas are – off the beaten track.  You will find our tours to be far less commercial, crowded and explored than, neighboring popular tourist destination – Iquitos.
In this time of year Sacharuna Adventure offer you This 11 Day & 10 Night Experience jungle camping  into the Pacaya Samiria Reserve will take travelers very deep into the largest, most diverse natural areas in the world.
This tour is only for the most adventurous of travelers looking to really expose themselves to the sights and sounds of the Amazon rainforest. We will travel up the Marañon river we will have the opportunity to see a very private, untouched part of the Amazon rainforest where most non-locals don’t get to experience.


This Pacaya Samiria camping tour includes some of our most popular activities including: freshwater dolphin spotting, night time caiman excursion, rainforest camping, animal observation excursions, rainforest trekking, visit with native Amazonian tribes, canoe rides, fishing excursions, nocturnal rainforest hikes and more!

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