Walking Routes

Walking holidays, Peru

Our walking routes are designed for travelers who would like to experience nature spots without walking too far. Most of our walks are suitable for older children.

San Roque De Cumbaza

Cultural Trail – Ceramics courses |with a Quechua Lamista artisan – Family Farms – 1 hour  walk


Visit the home of Petrona an hour hike from the village of San Roque De Cumbaza in the Quechua Lamista community of Chunchiwi .  You can learn to make basic ceremic bowls in the homes of the women. You will learn how to process the clay, cleaning and removing any debris and then you can have a go at making your own bowl.  A real oppotunity to feel what it is like inside the homes of the local indegenous houses.  Made of earth and palm leaf roof tops.  Children are often playing and the women laughing.  It really is a special once in a lifetime opportunity.

  • Welcoming drink.
  • Walk to native community Chunchiwi.
  • Workshop ceramics.
  • Lunch at Angelica’s farm.
  • Visit the orgainic family farm of Angelica.
  • Swim in the River Cumbaza and tour of San Roque village.
  • Coffee break.
  • Return journey to Tarapoto.

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ceramics courses, walking holidays, Peru.
Quechua Lamista ceramic courses

San Antonio De Cumbaza

Huacamaillo Falls  3 hour walk


  • Walk to the waterfalls 2 hours, crossing the river over three times.
  • Swim by the waterfall take in this magical place.
  • Picnic lunch in nature.
  • Walk back to the village of San Antonio.
  • Coffee and cake

A very crystal clear waterfall that runs between dense vegetation. Only a short walk along the bed of the river Cumbaza, crossing over the river by foot up to 3 times to reach this beautiful waterfall which has a fall of 20 meters high ending in a well 2 meters in depth.

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Huacamaillo watrefall, Tarapoto
Huacamaillo Waterfall

Peru walking tour

Nature Trail – San Roque De Cumbaza

Ecological Viewpoints, Anakiwi River and Canopy Zip-Line 150 meter


One hour walk to the crystal waters of Añakiwi River- Canopy Zip-Line 150 meter –   Ecological viewpoints – sculpture trail – in the conservation area ‘ Cordillera Escalera.’

  • 1-hour hike to Añakiwi River.
  • Swim and relax surrounded by nature –  Añakiwi River.
  • Situlli Ecolodge – Canopy Zip-Line 150 meter of distance (optional)
  • Lunch at the lodge.
  • 30 min walk to Ecological Viewpoints and Sculpture Trail ‘Monument Of The Jungle.’
  • Walking down to San Roque, tour of the village.
  • coffee and cake.
  • Return journey to Tarapoto.

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Anakiwi – river springs

Amazon River Trip and Nature Trail – Chazuta

Jumanchi Springs – Cacao Island – 2-hour walk

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30- minute by boat down the River Huallaga visit the land of Jumachi.  A short walk for about an hour to Yacuruna Pozas which are a collection of small pools, a beautiful place full of magic and mysticism where we can relax, take a refreshing swim, and connect with nature.

  • Early start, breakfast at –‘Joyce V Bartra’ sculpture gallery.
  • Journey down the River Huallaga, passing native communities along the way.
  • Visit an island that produces 6 hectors of organic cacao.
  • Explore cacao plantations (brief explanation of the cacao island farm and learn about cacao production.)
  • Lunch picnic in nature
  • Furthering on down the river to Jumanchi Springs – one hour walk.
  • Swim in the springs relax in nature.
  • Journey back to Chazuta (1 half hours.)
  • Amazing food grown in the gardens of RBM

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Peru walking trails | river trips

Agritourism – Family Farms

Chocolate Route |cocao farms in Peru – Chazuta

Heriberto’s Family Farm – 1 hour walk


visit the cacao fields of ‘Rio Bosque Magico’ Heribertos family farm learn about Agroforestry and harvest the cacao using machetes (optional).

  • Welcome drink
  • Cacao fields of ‘Rio Bosque Magico’ Heribert os family farm.
  • Learn about agroforestry and harvest the cacao using machetes (optional).
  • Lunch amazing food grown in the gardens of RBM.
  • Learn about the different stages in cacao production and participate in the labour process, how to ferment and dry the cacao beans ready to make chocolate.
  • Coffee and tour of the ‘Joyce V Barter’ sculpture gallery.
  • Journey back to Tarapoto.

Agritourism | Cacao farms in Peru | Chazuta


Wayku Indigenous community – Castle of Lamas – waterfall  Chapawanki.

1-hour walk

  • Visit the ‘Castle of Lamas’ where you will see views over the town of Lamas.
  • A short walk down into the native community of Waycu.
  • Lunch in the town of Lamas.
  • ( 20 mins walk) visit the waterfall Chapawanki.
  • Snack – Coffee and organic ice-cream.

This awesome waterfall is near the village of Urco Pata, surrounded by a lush forest with trees of many species along the way, you can find orchids and ferns and variety of birds , butterflies and insects. The natural landscape offers a distinctive ambiance of the high forest.

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Cultural Tours - Lamas

Wayku Indigenous community – Castle of Lamas – Waterfall Urmana –

1-hour walk

Urmana waterfall is located 35 minutes by car from the city of Lamas. Reach the gateway at the Fundo Santa Flor then a 20 min walk.

Waterfall Urmana | walks in nature | peru walking tour

walking holidays Peru | walking routes | Waterfall Urmana

Package Tours

 Remember that all our package tours can be altered to suit your traveling needs.

Nature Trail | San Roque De Cumbaza | 3D 2N


  • Chirapa Manta Ecolodge.
  • Quechua Lamista village of Chunchiwi (1 half hour walk.)
  • Workshops in basic ceramics.
  • Angelica’s Family Farm.
  • Waterfall Huacamaillo (3 hour walk in total.)
  • Anakiwi River – crystal clear pools.
  • Situlli Ecolodge – Canopy Zip-Line 150 meter of distance.
  • Ecological Viewpoints – Sculpture Trail 
  • Tour around San Roque village – River Cumbaza – Mural Art
Chirapa Manta

Day 1: Course in Ceramics and Angelica’s farm | Chirapa Manta ecolodge

  • Walk to the home of Petrona experience a traditional Quechua Lamista setting.

Day 2: Waterfall Huacamaillo.

  • 2-hour walk – crossing over the river over three times – to Waterfall Huacamaillo.
  • Picnic lunch in nature.

Day 3: Ecological viewpoints | Añaquiwi Situlli Ecolodge  |Canopy Zip-Line 150 meter of distance

  • 1-hour walk to the crystal clear river of Añaquiwi.
  • Ecological Viewpoints  and Sculpture Trail – in the conservation area ‘Cordillera Escalera.’