Hiking Adventures

Many of our Sacharuna guests say how they love to explore noncommercial areas barely seen by other tourists.

Our hikes can be hard work, but are a true experience. Our guides are mostly indigenous to the area and carry a wealth of knowledge of the many medicinal plants – experts at navigating the wild jungle.

San Roque De Cumbaza

Toroyacu Waterfall in the conservation area ‘ Cordillera Escalera’

(4-Hour Hike)

This Waterfall has an impressive drop at one hundred meters. As you hike closer to the main drop, you will be welcomed by a loud sound, as the water hits the pool that receives it – as if it were the roar of a bull.  This is a sacred place for the local culture, since here the waters that feed the Cumbaza River are born. The locals recommend that you explore this place having previously made a physical and spiritual preparation. Visitors are invited to bathe in the pools and small waterfalls surrounding the main drop.  Camping by the waterfall embedded by dense rainforest, is really a special experience.



Waterfall Tununtunumba – learn about Agroforestry along the way

3 Hour Hike

Over 40m high with 3 smaller waterfalls following, located at 280 meters. At its core the torrent of water reaches 6m wide and has a depth of 5m causing a loud noise perceived long before even arriving there and because of the large volume of water it carries, its uniqueness derives its name. In the bottom of the waterfall the water forms some backwaters so it can be really dangerous to enter.  
Spend time in the cacao fields of ‘Rio Bosque Magico’ learning about Agroforestry along the way, from experts that are passionate about cacao farming (optional).