Coconut and Cacao Experience

Pucacaca and Chazuta: 2D1Ncoconuts


Day 1: Pucacaca

The District of Pucacaca was founded of the 8th of May, 1936. It is located 53km and 50 minutes from the city of Tarapoto and belongs to the province of Picota in the San Martin Region. Its elevation is 217m above sea level and has a population of approximately 2971.

  • Collection of passengers from their different accommodations in Tarapoto at around 09:00am.
  • We will arrive in the town of Pucacaca and travelers will be given a fresh coconut to drink while a local host delivers a welcome briefing for the entire day.
  • There will be a tour of the Coconut process and elaboration plant. Travelers will watch and learn about the many uses and products including oil, dried coconut and even charcoal made from the husks (this is a much more ecological source of fuel than regular charcoal).
  • Then there will be a tour of the MAKAO chocolate factory. It is an enterprise where they gather cacao from 20 local cooperatives and create chocolte from the beans. This single factory provides work and income for over 200 local families.
  • Lunch: Comprised of regional dishes made from local produce.
  • After lunch we will visit Falingahua Island. There will be a tour of the Island which is home to a plantation of 50 year old coconut palms that can tower up to 40 meters high. The Island is 500 hectares and has a beautiful landscape. It is also a great place to see some wildlife especially birds that live along the river.
  • Return from the island to Pucacaca and from there on to Tarapoto to conclude the first day.
Coco industry
Organic coal and candles made with coconut


Day 2: Chazuta

Chazuta is a beautiful town and cultural hub on the banks of the Huallaga. It has a rich history in art and ceramics and there are multiple workshops, museums and exibitions throuought the town. The women of the town still utulise a traditional method for making paper out of banana bark. They manufacture a high quality paper perfect for certificates or legal documents but also produce small boxes and bags which they sell for some extra income. The towns economy revolves around Cacao. There are multiple farming families as well as some that process and produce chocolate. It is a very common sight to see freshly picked Cacao beans lining the sides of the roads as they dry in the sun.

Welcome to Chazuta
  • Pick up from the respective lodging and have a 1 hour car journey from Tarapoto to the town of Chazuta.
  • Visit the Bosque Mágico River before crossing the road to a restaurant for a hot chocolate made from local cocoa.
  • Afterwards, we will visit a small farm where they both cultivate cocoa and have an agroforestry project for different medicinal, fruit and timber species.


  • Return to the restaurant for a homemade lunch.
  • Immediately afterwards, there will be a workshop of how local people have made chocolate for generations. Travelers can see the entire process from fruit to finished product and be able to taste the end result.
  • Return to Tarapoto.
  • End of the experience

    cocnut 2
    Artisanal chocolate course-roasting cacao beans