5D 4N – River Trips – River Dolphins – Pacaya Samiria Reserve

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Amazon River Dolphins – Rainforest Cruises

Tours in the Pacaya Samiria Reserve from Yurimaguas are – off the beaten track.  You will find our tours to be far less commercial, crowded and explored than, neighboring popular tourist destination – Iquitos.

What makes this tour such a genuine and special experience is our real jungle men – tour guides.   With their spears ready to catch a fish for dinner along the way.  Their extensive knowledge is invaluable and nothing can get past their hawk eyes.   our guides are experts and know exactly where all our jungle friends will be hiding, bathing or catching the sun’s rays.  Discover the jungle through the eyes of the local tour guides, learn about myths and legends, the many medicinal plants and food growing wild.

Yurimaguas is a two-hour journey by car from Tarapoto.  On the first night, you will stay at Hotel Rio Huallaga.  A very comfortable hotel where you can prepare before you start your big adventure into the jungle wilds.

‘WOW! Sloths, Monkey and Pink Dolphins and birds, birds, birds.  Our guides were amazing really seeing so much more then we would see pointing out wildlife explaining about myth, legends, culture and historical land use. We speak very little Spanish, but our guide Daniel Lerner was able to translate much of the information to us.
The accommodations were rustic, to say the least, but they were also amazing. The purple wood cabin structure perched over the river was safe, romantic and comfortable.’


The Pacaya–Samiria National Reserve, located 183 km (114 mi) southwest of Iquitos, is the second largest protected area in Peru and in the Amazon region. It covers an area of 20,800 km2 (8,000 sq mi) and is rich in biodiversity.

The reserve is home to 527 bird species, 102 mammal species (among them the pink amazon river dolphins), 69 species of reptiles, 58 species of amphibians, 269 fish species, and 1024 species of wild and cultivated plants. The reserve is a refuge for different endangered species like the Arrau turtle, the spider monkey, the giant river otter, the scarlet macaw, Cedrela odorata trees, and others.

Sloths are common to find

Day 1:  Journey to Yurimaguas from the city of Tarapoto.

  • Journey by car approximately 2-25mins – the road is quite winding so please don’t eat too much before the journey.  
  • Welcome to the city Yurimaguas
  • Dinner A La Carte – Restaurant of the Hotel Rio Huallaga
  • Overnight stay at the Hotel Río Huallaga


Day 2: Pacaya Samiria Natural Reserve

  • 04:30h Transfer from Hotel Rio Huallaga to Puerto to take the fast boat to Villa Lagunas (travel time by boat (3h 4h approx.)
  • Arrival at Villa Lagunas.
  • Breakfast at Villa Lagunas.
  • Transfer to the Tibilo-Varadero Surveillance Post (Gateway to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve), in Motofurgón.
  • Entrance to the RR.NN Pacaya Samiria and boarding a canoe to Tranca Caño.
  • Lunch in Tranca Caño.
  • Transfer to Poza Gloria where you will spend two nights.
  • Dinner at Poza Gloria.
  • Then by boat another 4-5 hours before we reach Lagunas in the reserve of Pacaya Samiria. 

While traveling the Samiria River, pink and grey Amazon river dolphins are our regular traveling companions. We will stop the boat engine every time we meet a group of dolphins.  We can also find an opportunity to swim close to them and sometimes pink dolphins jump out of the water nearby.



Day 3: Observation of wildlife

  • After breakfast transfer to Caño Pantheon.
  • Lunch at Caño Pantheon.
  • Back to Poza Gloria –  Observation of alligators among other similar animals, mammals, observation of nocturnal monkeys, snakes tarántulas etc.
  • Dinner at Poza Gloria.
  • Night tour; observation of alligators among other similar animals, mammals, owls, nocturnal monkeys etc.
  • Overnight in Poza Gloria Overnight in RR NN Pacaya Samiria.


Poza Gloria camp for 2-nights




Day 4: Pacaya Samiria National Reserve

During the entire tour inside the reserve, you can observe the fauna of the place, monkeys, crocodiles, anacondas, paiches, Martin Pescador, Pedro Diaz, herons, the pelejo, turtles, otters, pink and grey dolphins, among others.   The flora, the cedar, the quinella, the mahogany, different types of palm trees, flowers and trees with an age that exceeds 500 years and the most important in a natural environment.  Protected and beautiful landscape that impresses.

  • Breakfast at Poza Gloria.
  • Walk in the jungle to see 500-year-old trees.
  • Transfer to Tranca Caño.
  • Lunch in Tranca Caño.
  • Transfer to the Tibilo Varadero Surveillance Post.
  • Return to Villa Lagunas.
  • Free afternoon at Villa Lagunas.
  • Dinner at Villa Lagunas.
  • Overnight in Lodging in Villa Lagunas.

Mono Guapo

Jergon Snake

Day 5: Going back to Yurimaguas.

  • 5: 00h transfer to the Port of Villa Lagunas to take the fast boat towards the city of Yurimaguas (travel time by boat 4h approx.)
  • Lunch at the Restaurant of the Hotel Rio Huallaga
  • Going back to Tarapoto
  • End of the experience

Prices:  2PAX  – $550USD      

Inclusions : 1 night Hotel Río Huallaga all accommodation – all meals including dinner at ‘A la Carte’ restaurant Hotel Rio Huallaga – all transfers and transportation –  entrance fee to the reserve – rental of: life jackets • boots • rain poncho • mosquito nets and mats • first aid kit – local guides – bottled water during the whole tour within the RRNN 

What is recommended to bring: Sun protection: sunscreen, sunglasses, hat or caps, long-sleeved shirt and pants, mosquito repellent, light clothing: Shorts and t-shirts, trekking shoes, and sandals, swimwear.

2 thoughts on “5D 4N – River Trips – River Dolphins – Pacaya Samiria Reserve

  1. Hey,
    We were wondering if you had any available space for 2 persons for the 5D River Trip from the 1.5 until the 6.5.
    Is the price (550$) for two travellers?

    Kind regards

    Paul Haastert


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