Daniel Lerner

Hi, Im Daniel Lerner and over the past 12 years I have been establishing connections with local families in the rural communities that surround San Roque de Cumbaza (the jungle town where I live in northern Peru). This is how I can offer my customers an intimate cultural experience of rural communities and incredible wildlife far from the well trodden tourist trails. If you want an adventure that explores the real Peru without damaging it for future generations, contact me to tailor-make the experience that’s perfect for you.

Email: sachaadventure@gmail.com

My vision: To share and preserve the ancient Peruvian, sacred knowledge – exploring local indigenous traditions: Lamista and Chazutino cultures.

I am passionate about offering ecological and sustainable community tourism to provide travelers with unforgettable experiences. Responsible travel that grants the visitor a profound connection to our natural environment.

I work with local guides and community members. Together we share a love and knowledge of the natural and cultural environment that surrounds us.

Our Mission: To enrich your personal interests. Working together to design what you need and fulfill your dreams.