6D 5N Cultural Tours – Cuispes district, live within local communities – Kuelap

Kuelap Tours

A great way to discover the secrets of north Peru, and at the same time get to live
within communities in a rural stay and share their daily life. The local tourism associations will be your guide to discover a little-known country and will make this stay a unique moment.

Day 1 – Transfer from Tarapoto to Cuispes district.

  • 5am start – journey by car 5 h 29 mins
  • The community of Cuispes, Amazonas is waiting for you in the late morning.  Here you will join your host family where you will stay the next few days in Cuispes.
  • Walk around and discover the area.
  • Dinner and enjoy the calm that prevails in this beautiful village of 400 inhabitants.
  • Overnight in your host family

Day 2 Cultural Trail: Cuispes – Activities in the community

  •  These are the activities offered by this active community, you will have the opportunity to visit: a coffee farm (workshops,)  visit a place where they grow guinea pig (as a reminder, the guinea pig is the traditional and typical food of the Andean countries) or you might want to participate in a bread workshop (the bread in the region is not limited to one or two types, there are lots of different types, but often quite sweet, not very salty.)
  • When you finish your visits, you join your “family” again for conversation and dinner.
  • Overnight in your host family

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Day 3 – Eco-Tourism: Cuispes – Walking to Yumbilla

  • This morning, the town’s tourism association will guide you on a hike to the famous
    Yumbilla waterfall. On the way you meet other waterfalls, all more beautiful than the others.
  • Stay attentive and very respectful for this magnificent primary forest in which you will walk. It is the pride of the people of the region and you might know the famous
    “gallito de la roca”, the emblematic bird of Peru.

Optionally, we can offer an initiation to Canyoning activity in one of the many waterfalls that sink in this valley. The members of the Cuispes association are in permanent training for this adventure activity.

  • Their respective families will have prepared a picnic basket that you will take with you and enjoy not far from the waterfalls.
  • You will join your host family in the afternoon.
  • Overnight in your host family

Kuelap Tours | Chachapoyas - Cuispes Yumbilla

Day 4 – Kuelap

  • Departure from Cuispes and transfer to the cable car in Tingo Nuevo, approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. After the trip in the cable car that lasts 20 minutes from 1,900 to almost 3,000 m of altitude, followed by a walk of 2 kilometres to reach the entrance of the site, you will finally appreciate the archaeological site of Kuelap that belongsto the Chachapoya culture.  It is a fortified citadel that was built on a high plateau at 3000 m height around 500 AD. An impressive wall of almost 600 m long and 20 m high surrounds it. Visit of Kuelap takes a
    minimum of 2 hours.
  • You’ll have lunch at Mrs. Teodula’s house, just beyond Kuelap.
  • Back to Tingo Nuevo, continue to Leymebamba, approximately 2 hours and welcome to your new host family.
  • Overnight in your host family in Leymebamba

Kuelap Tours | Chachapoyas

Day 5 Cultural Trail – Leymebamba – Activities in the community

  • Members of the Leymebamba community invite you today to discover traditional
    activities such as weaving. The sheep are raised in the region, the wool of which will be used to make beautiful woollen objects. Small hands are occupied around a traditional hand loom. The operation of this device will remain a mystery for the
    neophyte and it will only reinforce our admiration for the patience and skill of these women.
  • Between two activities, we’ll go and visit the Leymebamba museum. The Leymebamba Museum is famous for hosting more than 200 mummies and their funerary offerings that were discovered in 1997 in the Laguna de los Cóndores. This museum is a wonderful example of international cooperation and the work done by a community to help develop their village. In the Leymebamba Museum you will also find an impressive collection of Peruvian Quipus.
  • The story of the sculptor Miguel Huaman is very unique. He participated in the rescue operation of the objects discovered in the Laguna de los Cóndores in 1997.
    He followed his curiosity first and was stunned by the numerous objects carved in
    wood. He began to reproduce these objects, to sell them. Encouraged, he decided to
    dedicate himself to this activity as a sculptor. He supplies the Museum with replicas of wooden objects from the Chachapoya period and sells his sculptures abroad. A beautiful story for this man who would like to open his workshop to the students. To do this, he has to invert a rather big sum at home, in the district May 2 of Leymebamba.
  • Overnight in your host family

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Day 6 –Return to Tarapoto

  • 5am start – journey by car 5h 29 mins