5D 4N – Indulgence into Nature

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San Roque De Cumbaza and Chazuta

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This route is designed for travelers who love nature and love walking – but not quite able to hike too far.  So families with older children can enjoy this adventure.  The walks can be tough for some so it is essential you are fit and able. It would be a great adventure and challenge for teenage children.

Pure nature in the Peruvian Amazon.  You will see many plants, insects, birds, monkeys and wildlife.  The pools, rivers and water spots are out of this world, you will feel alone in paradise. 

 Day 1: Ecolodge Chirapa Manta – Swimming and relaxing 

  • Arrive into San Roque settle into Chirapa Manta Ecolodge – short 10 minute walk by the River Cumbaza.  Porters will be there to carry your luggage.  
  • Walk around the village of San Roque De Cumbaza.
  • Swimming and relaxing by the River Cumbaza. – there are many small beaches around and pools for swimming.
  • Lunch in the village.
  • Walk back to Chirapa Manta Ecolodge.
  • Dinner at the lodge and overnight stay.
San Roque De Cumbaza


San Roque De Cumbaza
Tarapoto Tours | Chirapa Manta - Tarapoto
breackfast at Chirapa Manta Ecolodge
Chirapa Manta ecolodge

Day 2:Ecological Viewpoints, Anakiwi River and Canopy Zip-Line 150 meter

  •  Breakfast at Chirapa Manta – views of the River Cumbaza
  • 1-hour walk – to the crystal clear River of Añaquiwi – swim and relax – alone in nature.
  • 30min walk – Situlli Ecolodge – Canopy Zip-Line 150 meter of distance (optional)
  • Lunch at the lodge.
  • Walking down to San Roque.
  • Coffee and cake in the village.
  • Return to Chirapa Manta Ecolodge – dinner at the lodge.
A sculture on route


Ecological Viewpoint
Anakiwi River
Canopy Zip-Line 150 meter

Day 3: Huacamaillo Waterfall (4-hour walk.)

  • Breakfast at Chirapa Manta.
  • Short journey in a motor taxi to San Antonio De Cumbaza.
  • 2-hour walk crossing 3 rivers to waterfall Huacamaillo.
  • Picnic lunch in nature.
  • 2-hour walk back to San Antonio – sample local village wine.
  • Overnight stay and dinner at Chirapa Manta Ecolodge.
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Crossing the River Cumbaza
Huacamaillo watrefall, Tarapoto
Huacamaillo Waterfall
Huacamaillo Waterfall

Day 4: Amazon River Trip – Cacao Island – Jumanchi springs.

  • Early morning start 1 hour 30 minutes drive to Chazuta.
  • Breakfast at Joyce V Barter cultural centre.
  • Journey along the River Huallaga to an island that grows 6 hectors of cacao.  Enjoy the cacao island beach.
  • A little further down river to the land of Jumanchi – short walk 45 minutes to the small river pools and waterfalls. 
  • picnic lunch in nature.
  • Journey back to Chazuta.
  • Dinner at Rio Bosque Magico, food collected from their own garden, highly recommended. 
  • Coffee at the Joyce V Barter cultural centre.
  • Overnight stay at Joyce V Barter cultural centre.
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Joyce V Barter
River Huallaga

Amazon River Trips - River Huallaga - Peru

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Jumanchi Springs

Day 5: Choice between:  Hike to Tununtunumba Waterfall passing the cacao fields of Rio Bosque or short walk to cacao fields only. 

You will learn all about the process of growing organic cacao beans from professionals who are passionate about their work. Learn how to create energetic, semi-raw chocolate. 

  • Breakfast at Joyce V Barter Cultural centre.
  • choice of short walk to the cacao fields or hike to waterfall Tununtunumba.
  • Picnic lunch in nature.
  • Walk back to Chazuta.
  • Dinner before journeying back to Tarapoto.
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Dinner at Rio Bosque Magico
Rio Bosque Magico
agritourism | organic cacao farms Peru
cacao fields of Rio Bosque Magico
Tununtunumba Waterfall – option