5D 4N Full Culture – San Roque De Cumbaza, Chazuta and Lamas

San Roque de Cumbaza view
Photo: Hugo Muligh

Our full culture experience is designed for the traveler who would like to experience the Amazonian Peruvian Culture.   You will begin in the small village of San Roque De Cumbaza.  .’You will learn about: local native communities, artisan craft and how to make traditional dishes.  Together with local people who are happy to share with you their cultural heratige and traditions.  

Journey along the River Huallaga in Chazuta.  Visit a small community isolated from the main town.  Learn about ‘Ramichi’ bee keeping.  Overnight stay at the ‘Joyce V Bartra Cultural Center’ where you will see  many wood carvings. Representing the many myths and legends of the region.  


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Day 1: San Roque De Cumbaza – local ceramics or chumbe weaving.

  • Quechua Lamista village of Chunchiwi (1 half hour walk.)
  • Workshops in basic ceramics or chumbe weaving.
  • Lunch in the village traditional dishes.
  •  You will choose where to stay in San Roque: Chirapa Manta lodge , Campo wasi alojamiento or Depura Selva alojamiento
Petrona holding her ceramic bowls.

Day 2: Lamas

  • Lamas:  Castle of Lamas.
  • Waycu native quarters – where you can buy artisan goods and local foods – see traditional dances.
  • Short drive to the Indigenous village of Chiricyacu – sample traditional dishes.
  • Workshops in basic ceramics or chumbe weaving.
  • Walk back to San Roque – 1hour 30mins.
  • Overnight in San Roque 
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Wyku Lamas – traditional dance
Chiricyacu – lean how to make a chumbe
Chiricyacu – learn about life in a Quechua Lamista village.

Day 3: San Roque De Cumbaza – traditional dishes

  • Learn how to make a local dish called Juane (rice dish cooked in a leaf,) with local women who pass this knowledge from generation to generation.  Most women who grew up in the Jungle know how to make this traditional dish.
  • Sample your juane with together with a coconut cerviche.
  • Relax in the afternoon on the many beaches around the River Cumbaza.
  • Overnight stay in San Roque
Eating Juane together with traditional beans and coconut cebiche.
River beaches of San Roque De Cumbaza

Day 4: Chazuta: Workshop learn how to make a ceramic flute called  ‘Ocarina.’ 

  • Early start drive to Chazuta -2 hour drive.
  • Workshop in basic ceramics at the Chazuta ceramics workshop- learn how to make a ceramic flute called  ‘Ocarina’
  • Visit Arqueolic museum in  the Wasichay Cultural center.’
  • Regional and traditional food at Rio Bosque Magico.
  • Over night stay at ‘Cultural Center Joyce V Bartra.’
                                    make a ceramic flute called  ‘Ocarina’
                                                    Joyce V Barter cultural center
Earth kiln to fire ceramics

Day 5: Chazuta: Amazon River Trip

  • Journey by boat for half an hour to the community of Shilcayo
  • Visit a honey colony of small stingless bees called ‘Ramichi’  – learn how to harvest the honey.  Amazon stingless bee honey is characterised by a very runny consistency, a very light color and a flowery fragrance; its flavor is sweet but can vary according to the season it is produced in and the flower or flowering tree types it is made from.
  • you can also lean how to make traditional baskets in the village of Shilcayo.
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The Huallaga River


Basket weaving.


“Treat yourself to a unique, one of a kind cultural experience!”

This is not your typical cookie cutter tour operation. Highly recommended for those seeking a relaxed, yet up close and personal experience with the local culture and environment. Daniel our guide took us from San Roque to Lamas where were met with a local family who showed us the exquisite art of chumbe weaving. Everything about it was very hands on. Daniel even took some great pictures for us! After weaving, we were served lunch at a restaurant in San Roque and then went for swim in the river. Lunch was good and the family there very friendly and gracious. Daniel was also very flexibility to accommodate time based on our interests and how we wanted to spend the day. Overall, a great time had all around. This is a must do if you find yourself in Tarapoto.