4D 3N CHACHAPOYAS THE KINGDOM OF THE CLOUDS – Karajia, Quiocta, Kuelap and Gocta.

Kuelap Tours | Chachapoyas

Kuelap Tours

  • Caves of Quiocta and Sarcophagi (stone coffin) of Karajia.
  • Hike to the Gocta Waterfalls, one of the highest in the world.
  • Kuelap, the fortress of the Chachapoya – Warriors Of The Clouds.

Day 1 – Transfer from Tarapoto to Chachapoyas.

  • We can travel at any of these times 8 am – 2pm – 6pm – journey by car 6h-38mins.
  • Arrival to the Hotel Nuñurkuco

Day 2 – Caves of Quiocta and Sarcophagi (stone coffin) of Karajia.

  • We will leave from Chachapoyas to the town of Lamud to visit the high part of the caves of Quiocta, located at approximately 3100 meters above sea level. Where we explore within 150 meters a variety of Stalactites and Stalagmites, which are formed by the action of dripping water in calcite stone.
  • Karajía Sarcophagi: 51 kilometres northwest of the city of Chachapoyas to the community of Cruzpata and 1 km on foot.  We will find moulded with small stones joined by mud and straw, these anthropomorphic sarcophagi – reach 2 meters high. On the outside they are painted in ocher and white, simulating masks.  Also known as Purunmachos, the Sarcophagi are located in inaccessible cliffs where the mummified bodies of the most important rulers of the Chachapoyas culture are placed – guided tour.
  • Return to Hotel, overnight.





Day 3 – Gocta Waterfall one of the highest in the world.

Gocta Waterfall is one of the greatest natural attractions of the Amazonas. Considered the third highest waterfall in the world.

  • 1-hour Journey by car to the town of Cocachimba located at 1830m, where we begin the adventure.  Walk approximately 2-hours until the second fall, which is 540 meters high.  During the tour you can see interesting plants and birds like the cock of the rocks and spatuletail hummingbird.
  • Some time for outdoor recreation (swimming for the brave ones).
  • Transportation on the way back: 1 horse per tourist (optional).
  • Return to Chachapoyas, transfer to hotel.
Walking to the waterfall


Day 4 – The Kuelap Fortress (Wonder of Peru)

  • Tours to the Kuelap fortress, located at 3000 m, complex Archaeological site of greater importance for the Chachapoyas, built since the sixth century.
    DC. And discovered in 1843, impresses its stone walls of up to 20 meters.
    Height, which protects more than 500 circular houses, many of them decorated with Friezes in the form of zigzags and rhomboids, distributed over seven hectares.
  • The tour is guided,  beginning from the district of Tingo.
  • The Kuelap cable cars, which we will enjoy on a journey through the clouds for 35-min.
  • After lunch visit in the Tingo district and return to Chachapoyas, transfer to the hotel.





Prices:  2PAX  – $320USD      

Inclusions : all meals, all transport: Tarapoto – Chachapoyas, accommodation, Included activities and tour guides.