3D 2N or 2D 1N – Waterfall Trail – journeying along the River Abiseo in the Breo National Park

Day 1:

  • 5:00am Departure from Tarapoto 2 hour drive.
  • Breakfast in the district of Huicungo.
  • Departure to the National Park of Rio Abiseo.
  • Water Route: Journey by boat to the Shihui Waterfall, Maquizapa Waterfall, Rudder Waterfall, Churo ravine and Churo cave
  • Return to hostel for lunch, dinner and campfire night.




Day 2:

  • 07:00 am Country Breakfast.
  • Visit the French cave and the cave of the Otorongo (Jaguar.)
  • 2 hours walk.
  • lunch, departure to the community of Santa Rosa.
  • Dinner and campfire.


Day 3:

  • 07:00 am Country Breakfast.
  • 1 hour 30 minute drive to the checkpoint of waterfalls of Breo.  
  • River Trip, Circuit of water – set of waterfalls Veil of Bride, Box Ñahui and waterfall Vicky, then impressive waterfall Breo.
  • Bathe and relax by the waterfall.
  • Journey back to the checkpoint for lunch.
  • Return journey back to Juanjui and then on to Tarapoto.