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cropped-13045566_1211070118918330_2128971222_n-1Sacharuna: A Quechua word that means mountain man, friend of the forest and the wise indigenous Amazonian people. Sacha is the bridge, the interrelation with the living beings of the jungle and their spirits. As an Eco-tourism company, this communicates our passion for preserving the precious communities and incredible animals while simultaniously bringing you an unforgettable jungle experience.



Below are examples of the huge range of adventures we can offer all the way from the ocean to the deep Amazon Rainforest. I can organize excursions that range from 1-day trips to local communities, to 10-day expeditions that venture deep into the jungle. I speak fluent English and Spanish and will can accompany you every step of the way to ensure your experience runs smoothly.

All of the package tours can be altered to suit your travelling needs.

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